About Us

We are community-minded healthcare professionals dedicated to providing first-class services
to our patients in helping them restore their optimal health and a successful return to work,
sports, and activities. Our clinic has been providing physiotherapy in the same location in North
Burnaby/Burnaby Heights since 1987.

Our services have expanded to include occupational
therapy with a specialization in the assessment and treatment of the upper extremity
(shoulders, elbows, wrists, and hands).

Our Mission

To always go above & beyond and deliver the highest standard of healthcare with compassion,
empathy, and patient-first approach. To be enthusiastically committed in helping our patients
succeed and achieve their goals.

Education – continuously learn to provide the most current and up-to-date evidence-based

Teamwork – collaborate with our colleagues and with other healthcare professionals to foster
learning, knowledge exchange, and growth.

Community – making a difference and contributing positively to our community by improving
the lives of people

Our Values


Community Involvement

We get involved in our local community events to support local businesses and people.

(2) Giro di Burnaby
(3) Walk with the Docs
(4) Local school athletics and sports
(5) Hats Off Day Parade
(6) Halloween on the Heights